Welcome to the casting for Allt för Sverige!

We are now casting for season 10, shooting summer 2020!!!!

Our site stays open all year so you can apply at anytime. We wont contact anyone until January 2020 when we start with casting interviews.

We would like to know more about you and your Swedish cultural heritage. The more information you provide on every question the better.
Please click "Next" to fill out the application form.

Instructions on how to submit a video.
It is important for us to try to get to know you as quickly as possible so we recommend that you submit a short filmed presentation of yourself (30 sec- 2 minutes and less than 100MB).
Please don´t read from notes, just be yourself and speak from your heart.
You can upload the video through Youtube or make one with your cellphone.
Here´s the questions we would like you to answer:
1. Please tell us your name, age and describe your personality in a few words.
2. Tell us why your Swedish heritage is so important to you?
3. Motivate why we should we pick you to be on "Allt för Sverige"?

When are we filming?
The show will be filmed during the summer (May-June) of 2020 To be on the show you have to commit to a maximum of 6 weeks shooting even though there is only the 4 finalists that stays for the whole period.
If you get selected to the next round then you will receive more information about the shooting process.

Once you have applied you will get a confirmation email to the email address that you listed in your application. If you did not get this email then your application did not go through. So make sure to look for this email as your confirmation and your application ID number.

Good luck and thank you for applying to be on Allt för Sverige!